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Jens Reidel

Software Developer / Human



IdleRPG is a MMORPG Discord Bot with many features, such as a shop system, advanced item system, guilds and alliances, PvP, classes and much more. It is now in over 200,000 Discord servers and my biggest project.

 Python 3


Okapi is the image generation backend that powers IdleRPG and is used to generate assets for players almost in real time. It is written to handle high load and generate images as fast as possible.



A stateful proxy to mimic the Discord API Gateway, allowing clients to restart without reconnecting a bot to Discord entirely. This proxy is written using Twilight and aims to use as few resources as possible and not compromise on speed.


about me

Who am I?

I am Jens, though I go by the names of Adrian and Gelbpunkt on the internet as well. I'm a young adult from Germany and self-taught software developer since the age of 7.

I play the French Horn and, asides from programming, am mainly interested in mathematics, physics and music. I also used to play Guild Wars and Anarchy Online, but nowadays I haunt Summoner's Rift with Xayah.

I started programming with a book about Python 2 from my local library and quickly learnt Python 3 as well. Later, I did CGI programming with Python and got into HTML5 and CSS3. After that, I also picked up NodeJS, TypeScript and my language of choice, Rust.


Excellent knowledge of Rust, Python and JavaScript

Great knowledge of TypeScript

Very used to working with Git, Docker / Podman, GitLab CI and GitHub Actions

Focus on backend programming and network development using Tokio (Rust) and asyncio (Python)


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